Dance is the oldest language, more ancient than the spoken language, much wisdom and truth lies dormant within us, which can be awakened through the movement of dance as it awakens the memory that the body preserves, its in our DNA, our soul yearns to reconnect, traditional dances take us on that journey, a journey back to roots, where we discover new cultures, experience new movement, new emotions and new languages

Lucia generously embraces sharing her expertise, to inspire other dancers to connect to to the vital energy force and to reach their inner potential through the expression of dance and ancient yogic and tantric practices.danza-della-kunda-fb-banner

‘Alchemical dance’ created by Lucia Zahara ia a holistic dicipline that integrates art and spirituality that takes you on a trasformative journey through the universal language of dance and the elements together with kundalini yoga, drumming and meditation, drawing on the wisdom of the psychology of astrology, the chakras and tantric numerology.


Lucia is the creatrice of ‘Dancesophy’ a discipline that invites you to connect to the ancient wisdom of dance and to deepen the experience of self.

Dancesophy - dance wisdom


                                                 workshops 2

Pizzica workshop at ‘Sirocco Festival’ in the UK

workshops 3

Turkish Roma workshop at ‘Gypsy Fest’ Madrid, Spain.


Workshop Repertoire:

Dances of the Orient along the Romani Trail, a journey from India to Spain:

‘Kalbelia‘ Rajasthani tribal gypsy cast of snake charmers.                                      kalbelia malta

‘Classical Persian’ refined and delicate movents of the upper flowing body

‘Turkish Roman’ (Turkish Gypsy) pure and authentic in the 9/8 rhythm

‘Ghawazee’ Egyptian Gypsy

‘Buonawara’ one of Tunisia’s rare and most spectacular dances

‘Sheikhat’ Morrocan

‘Pizzica’ wild womens trance dance from Salento (Southern Italy)

‘Tammuriata’ a couples dance using castanettes, Naples Italy.

‘Flamenco Oriental’ a return to flamenco’s roots with emphasis on Moorish and Gypsy influences


‘IndiAndalusia’ Gypsy and sacred dances of Rajasthan discover the roots of primitive flamenco.

‘Romani Trail’ An insight into the dance language of many cultures along the Romani trail.

‘Tribal Gypsy Fusion’ evolutions of various gypsy dancesRomani trail with Lucia Zahara

‘Persian inspired dance’                                                                                                                                              

Turkish Roma, gesture and attitude’  insights on deeping the expression of this dance.

‘Ghaziya and her drum’ attitude and rhythm of the ghawazee                                                                                                              

 ‘Playing with rhythm’  9/8 and cycles in 16                                                                                                                                                   

‘Chakra dance’ astrology, tantric and ancient dances practices. 

‘The Dance of Shakti’ raising the kundalini through ancient dance  and tantric practices

‘Taste of the Orient’ various faces of women                                  



 ‘Arabic dance, rhythm and frame drumming’                                                                                                          

‘The Yoga of Indian Dance’ a union of yoga, mantra and  the basics of northern Indian devotional dance ‘Kathak’.


Lucia’s sacred dance workshops, revive ancient traditions, exploring the healing powers of dance together with unveiled archaic wisdom, yoga, tantric practices, frame drumming, rhythm, mantra and meditation.

‘The Dance of Kundalini’            A Journey to awaken our true identity and creative potential , embracing various spiritual traditions and practices.


Classes: Lucia runs various classes in the province of Catania (Sicily)

Please contact to have more details on all workshops and classes.


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