PERFORMANCES OF DANCES of the Orient along the Romani Trail from India to Spain.

sircusa 2


Lucia’s dance drama performances are influenced by the energy that fuels Roma , Indian, Arabic, Persian and Turkish dances and intertwining contemporary ideas and aesthetics, creating innovative and thought provoking dance drama pieces, art that inspires, heals and communicates. Such works include:

‘Romani Trail a journey of Duende’ The show was born from the need to tell the story of the Rom, with its traditions, its love story and sufferings and to find out that it’s nice to be Rom… the show is a rich tapestry made ​​of light, color, poetry, rhythm, music and dance. Under the eyes of the viewer comes to life the universe of the Rom, beyond the stereotypes, through the rich tradition of an ancient culture, rejectingapproval. A surprising proud culture and very free.teatro

La Dea si Rivela’ (The Goddess reveals herself) a thought provoking piece where she invokes the dark mysteries of woman through the beating of an archaic rhythm with her frame drum, as the spider who bites la tarantata and leading from her womb with the powerful dance of the Turkish Roma;


Music and Theatre Projects:

Anima Mediterranea’, a theatre dance production which she directed and choreographed and was financed by the European Union;

Imagia’ a ritual performance of dance, drumming, evocative chants and sculpture with Nenzi and Simona Di gregorio.

Lucia also dances with groups;                            persian dance

Karim Alishahi, Persian singer and tar player

‘Indialusia’ A journey through sounds and dances inspired from India to Andalusia

‘Ifriga’ (from Tunisia) Authentic music, dance and costumes from the Tunisian Berber traditions of the Sahara and Atlas mountains. Brahim Bahloul (director and percussion); Aissaoui Mohamed Salah (voice, percussion); Ebeli Kamel (gasba, fiati); Jridi Zakia (voice); Chebli Nasreddine (percussion);


 ‘Friends of the Taranta’. Traditional Taranta music and dance from    the South of Italy, the heart of the Mediterranean.

‘Amrita’ A unique, harmonious fusion of Indian and Arabic sounds, together with images of India and the Sahara Dersert communicating the connection between the twe magical worlds.

‘Ishtar’ music and dance from the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa

‘Simurgh’ Persian theatre dance company, mystical Persian music, dance and Poetry

‘Compagnia dello Ionio’ Theatrical street Artist Company

milo 5

‘Anima Mediterranea’ with their show ‘il bacio della Taranta’ (kissed by the Taranta)


All theatre productions and group performances are available for touring, (except “Imagia”) Please contact for further information.


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