Lucia Zahara

lucia zahara in Malta

International dancer, teacher, performer, yogini and creator of Dancesophy.   Lucia is a versatile dancer with a volcanic energy and is much in demand  performing and teaching at festivals, artistic and cultural events around the globe, (Italy, Spain, UK, Tunisia, Turkey, India, Korea, America, Greece, Malta…) She brings with her a diverse repertoire of dances from Rajasthan to Andalusia, both traditional and innovative creating her own style based on many dance traditions (Romani, Gypsy, Persian, North  African and Taranta traditions of Southern Italy).

Free spirit, nomadic by nature, curious of the unknown, her personal dance journey and adventures along the the Romani trail from Andalusia to Rajasthan has blessed her by coming into contact with various nomadic, tribal and Roma people.  Through the language of dance they pass on an ancient language, much wisdom and spiritual traditions. Lucia feels honoured to share these experiences in her teachings and performances.


with her Kathak Guruji in Jaipur.



Lucia’s motivation over the years to travel and to learn the dances than span from Spain to India has been to reconnect to an ancient language pure in form which communicates endless archaic mysteries which when we allow the human body to abandon to the rhythm, a hidden truth is unveiled.  Words cannot describe, through dance we can awaken a host of hidden potential that lies within us all.

Her work is recognized by the International Dance Council CID of UNESCO, she is currently based in Sicily and is the organiser and director of ‘Bohemian Fest’ International festival of dances of the Silk Road

bohemian logo numero 1 senza scritte

Always interested in collaborating artistically and spiritually with others, pushing the boundaries and working towards keeping the ancient wisdom alive through all expressions of art. Lucia also in her free time with fellow artists and friends literally works to preserve ancient traditions, by bringing music back to the people with Tarantella in the square.


Lucia Zahara is the creator of ‘Dancesophy’.

A discpline that has evolved over 20 years inspired by the ancient wisdom of dance and creative, holistic and spiritual practices. Lucia is trained in hatha, antigravity, kundalini yoga, reiki I and II, she is a certified kundalini yoga teacher and holds a degree in the Arts.  Born in England with Italian parents, brought up in a family that has always danced, she began at 8 years of age with modern dance and from a young age was inspired to travel and learn other dance techniques and dances in their land of origin.  In this journey she has been rediscovering the creative wisdom preserved in dance which has inspired her profoundly in her art and life.

Her threatrical work has been financed by the European Union (Anima Mediterranea’ 2007 and ‘La Dea si Rivela’ 2008). She is dancer in various world music groups and is dancer for the Persian group ‘Simurgh’ with Karim Alishahi.  She has been on tour with ‘Ifiga’ a Tunisian Berber broup from Tunisia.  Lucia has also run childrens threatre groups in Busan South Korea. She used to perform as a fire artist.  Lucia has a background in astrology, tantric numerolgy and anthroposohy.




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