Lucia’s dance tells a story of women’s dances of the Orient, along the silk road, of traditions continuously evolving, whilst preserving an ancient language.  Lucia embraces a rich diversity of dance styles, cultures and traditions,  each dance telling its own unique story, rich in expression, tradition and wisdom. Dance is a universal language, a spiritual expression,  a way of connecting to the divine, to our selves and to others. Dance brings us closer together.


Festival organised by Lucia Zahara, dedicated to  diversity and quality of artistic expressions, placingimportance on creating space for transformation, learning and exchange. Bohemian Fest 2014 Edition’s theme is the ‘Romani Trail a journey of Duende’ A meeting of cultures from Rajasthan to Andalusia!

banner Bohemian FEST

 Theatre performance ‘Romani Trail a Journey of duende’  The show was born from theneed to tell the story of the Rom, with its traditions,  its love story and sufferings and to find out that it’s nice to be Rom… the show is a rich tapestry made ​​of light, color, poetry, rhythm, music and dance. Under the eyes of the viewer comes to life the universe of the Rom, beyond the stereotypes, through the rich tradition of an ancient culture, rejecting any approval. A surprising proud culture and very free.


Roma (Gypsy) and Dances of the Desert classes with Lucia Zahara in the province of Catania.

Frame drumming, dance and rhythm workshops. Awaken through rhythm and drumming the essence of dances of the Orient    and its creative force, becoming one with the rhythm.taranta

Taranta Workshops

All symbols of the old matrifocal religion remain hidden but not lost to us, the divine      whispers her wisdom, which sleeps within our unconscious mind. The ancient symbol of the  spider, is connected to the taranta traditions of southern Italy another form to represent the  Great Mother, so why is it that so many of us fear spiders??? Centuries of conditioning still  effects us today… The spider like women create the universe from their centre, spinning something from nothing, right out of their belly. This knowlege in preserved in the tradition of la Taranta.

The Yoga of Indian DanceKATHAKnew version

Welcome to this ritual of ancient practices of Yoga and Kathak Indian dance (from North India) as a creative path to attain onesness of mind and body.

giochi-di-ritmisenza-scritteASSAGGI-D'ORIENTE  WORKSHOPS

‘Playing with Rhythm’ rhythmic cycles in 16 and 9/8 time signatures and the ancient dances from India (Kathak) and Anatolia (Turkish Roma).

‘Taste of the Orient’ – Various faces of Womanlo-yoga-della-senza data2

 ‘Romani Trail’ A Dance journey from India to Andalusia (Spain)

‘IndiAndalusia’ Kalbelia and Kathak, roots of Flamenco

‘Healing Dance’ 

Aital Grafix official graphic artist for Lucia Zahara and ‘Bohemian Fest’


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